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SIMsmart prepaid is part of the Cellhire group of companies. Cellhire is a world leader in mobile communications providing customers in the US with reliable, international wireless solutions for over 25 years.

SIMsmart international prepaid SIM cards are of the highest quality and our coverage and connection standards are equal to that of the big networks. We do not compromise on quality in our delivery of the best travel phone available in America.

SIMsmart prepaid builds on Cellhire's market leading experience providing communications products for use globally. Cellhire is represented around the world with offices in Dallas, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, London, York, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing and Munich.

Cellhire has also provided students with reliable US and international phones for more than 10 years working with partners like the People to People Ambassador Program. Cellhire is a proud member of NAFSA - National Association of Foreign Student Advisers and partners with other NAFSA members to provide its quality mobile solutions to thousands of students who study abroad each year.

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